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About Your  Security Needs

BioConnect ID provides a platform of best-in-class biometric authentication technologies to protect all internal and external facing enterprise cloud applications. Our biometric security platform eliminates the cost and complexity of implementing current and future biometric technology. BioConnect designs, builds and tests our technology to enhance the trust between an enterprise, its customers, employees and partners.


Value for Your Employees

Enhance your business application security by leveraging biometrics in current Single-Sign-On (SSO), Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).


Value for Your Business

Secure your business processes and replace one-time passcodes (OTP), tokens, and PIN based authentication methods to meet security requirements with a biometric policy driven authentication event.


Value for Your Customers

Secure your B2B/B2C products with an authentication experience that provides identity assurance and user convenience.

Biometric authentication can serve: 

  1. Best-In-Class Biometrics: future proof your authentication strategy, BioConnect does the work so a single integration gives access to all current and future biometric modalities, across iOS and Android devices. 

  2. Real-time Data and Provisioning: leverage our online AdminConsole to provision / manager users, authenticators and biometric modality types. Plus, a reporting tool and robust dashboard for visibility into all account data 

  3. Reduced Costs & Complexity: deploy through existing integrations and our open API without worrying about costs. BioConnect ID in the cloud follows a simple SaaS pricing model where you only pay for what your need.