Want to feel more confident installing biometric solutions?

Become a BioConnect Certified Biometric Partner today.


By becoming a BioConnect Certified Biometric Partner you can ensure you and your team have the skills and knowledge required to satisfy your most valuable customer accounts. The certification program gives systems integrators the knowledge needed to install, configure, implement, and troubleshoot a Suprema product solution.

Keicon-diploma.pngy Program Benefits:

  • Reduce your installation labor
  • Increase project profitability
  • Increase your customer satisfaction and references
  • Gain hands-on Suprema product experience
  • Enhance your team’s expertise and confidence
  • Eliminate the fear of biometrics
  • Benefit from renewable certification

Hands-on training is held once a month in two time zones (Eastern Standard Time, Greenwich Mean Time). Fill out the form on the right to contact a member of our team and get started today!