Bring IT Tools to the Door

Leverage multi-factor authentication (MFA) technology commonly used in digital security to confirm an identity, providing an additional layer of security to physical access by serving a step-up notification to the requester’s mobile device.

Solution Benefits:

  • Use pre-approved IT tools 
    Increase Physical Security with Identity Assurance
    Decrease the Cost of Deploying Biometric Hardware

Learn more about mobile authentication for physical access.


Current IT Tools for Step-up Authentication

A unified solution will allow an enterprise to verify a physical access request in conjunction with pre-approved IT solutions, like Duo, for step-up authentication at physical access points. 


Next Generation Biometrics at the Door

Areas requiring higher levels of security can leverage BioConnect's digital solution, BioConnect ID, to be the mobile authenticator securing physical access attempts with biometrics.

Unifying Data Across Physical and Digital Solutions

Data from physical security endpoints will be brought into digital applications, for example SIEM systems and existing IT dashboards allowing one single view for all access data.